Frequently asked questions:

What is relationship-based medicine? Is this a concierge practice?
Yes, it is a concierge practice, but itís one that emphasizes the unique relationship between patient and physician. With a practice thatís limited to only a few hundred members, each patient receives the time and attention needed to develop an individualized personal wellness program.

What are the fees?
The fee is $3600 per year per patient. Children under 26 are included for no extra fee. The fee for adults age 27-33 is $1500 per year.

What does the fee include?
The fee includes:

  • Annual screening physical, which includes lab work and a comprehensive review of your health
  • Access to Dr. Belknapís personal cell phone number 24/7
  • Coordination of referrals to area specialists if your condition calls for a more focused evaluation

What does the fee not include?
The annual fee does not include care provided by other physicians, hospitization, medications, or any other outside services. Office visits in addition to the annual physical will be billed to your insurance company.

Does the fee include insurance?
No. That means itís essential that you maintain your insurance coverage, whether through private insurance or Medicare.

How do I join?
Although thereís currently a waiting list, you can contact us to find out when there might be an opening to join.