What our patients say...

"Dr. Belknap is a highly skilled, perceptive physician whose professional abilities are matched by his honesty, integrity and empathy. He's a real human being and an all around stand-up guy."
— C.F., Mill Valley

“Thank you for always being such a wonderful person. Your knowledge is worth a handful of gold.”
— C.N., Napa

“Dr. Belknap understands both the human body and the mind, making his comprehension of what we call health far more complex and informed. He is wonderfully knowledgeable, he cares deeply about people and he listens to us; enabling health care to become a dialogue rather than a pronouncement. My unwavering trust and faith in him has been a treasured part of my life for over 25 years.
— W.A., Vermont

“An amazing doctor. He cares about his patients and will never rush through appointments. If you want a doctor that really takes his time and listens, this is the guy for you. Best medical experience I've ever had.”
— J.K., New York

“Bob always has plenty of time to spend with his patients -- and is remarkably "patient" himself, considering that he always provides clear explanations for test results, medications, and procedures. Plus he follows up with specialists to assure continuity of care.”
— R.B., Corte Madera